Monday, January 16, 2012

Legends, Lore & Crystal Balls

Monte Cook has a new Legends & Lore column up at the official Dungeons & Dragons website today. It shares more information about what he's been working on with the next iteration of D&D, as well as some insight into the goals of this new project. Its well worth your time to read, so take time to check it out when you can.

I won't comment much on the article, as I feel it stands well enough on its own to not merit my thoughts. The one comment I will give is that these goals, as lofty as they may be, do fall in line with my previous thoughts on what this new edition will be like. It remains to be seen exactly how they will reach these goals, but for now I'm quite pleased with what I'm hearing & am looking forward to the playtest rules that we should see in the near future.

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