Friday, January 20, 2012

Mechanics, Settings and Campaign Worlds

The mechanics supporting story question by Monte Cook has got my mind swimming with ideas today. As an example, Dungeons & Dragons originally had mechanics tied to race & class. We've since moved to a model that also adds culture/society into the mix, as seen in recent game supplements like the Neverwinter Campaign Setting.

Having these present in the core game make a default setting/world almost a necessity. Where do you like to draw the line in your game? Do you like having mechanics reflect the world in which the adventure takes place? Or is it enough to tie mechanics to race & class?

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  1. I'm of two minds on this. Overall, there is no doubt that I love having mechanics tied to society and culture, as when players select where in the Forgotten Realms they are from.

    However, these "regional benefits", along with so many other mechanics, add layers that make it difficult for new (and even experienced) players to quickly wrap their head around their characters' attributes, and how they got them.

    I think characters at Lvl 1 should start out really simple. Dwarf = +1 axes, +1 endurance. As the level up, they get to add layers of complexity.

    Conclusion: Mechanics support story, yes, but built into the levelling system.

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